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Chuck E Cheese's Chain To Install Organs

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Move over Organ Stop Pizza, you've got some competition.  According to an article in today's Wall Street Journal 

pizza chain giant Chuck E Cheese's will begin installing organs in all of its restaurants later this year.  According  to the article the decision came from the chain's CEO  who was in Scottsdale last February for a corporate conference.  He told the Journal, "Coming back from the conference center I made a wrong turn and found myself in some town called Mesa.  Trying to get back on the freeway, I came upon Organ Stop Pizza.  As I really had to go the bathroom, I pulled into the parking lot and went inside.  Immediately I realized that their customer demographic was the same as ours: screaming, misbehaving kids and old people who have lost the ability to taste."  There were other similarities, too.  "We have animatronic animals, they have Dancing Cats, but we needed the organ."

Due to the cost, the chain is not likely to be installing pipe organs, but will stick to the electronic variety. Rumors on Yahoo's Allen Organ Group say that the company is working with the pizza chain to develop a custom theatre model for their venues.  According to some sources well known theatre, and former OSP organist, Walt Strony is involved in the project code-named "Pepperstrony" and the new model will be known as the Allen Oregano.

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