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Phx College Restoration

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Richard Flickinger, Hassell Moores, and Ken Iversen Richard Flickinger, Hassell Moores, and Ken Iversen John Bittner

Work is continuing on the Phoenix College Wurlitzer restoration project. 

Headed by crew chief, Bill Carr, crew members Hassell Moores, Ken Iversen, Richard Flickinger, Pete Knobloch, and John Bittner have been working this month to restore the wind lines to both chambers that were cut when the auditorium was refurbished. Due to the extremely cramped chambers, this has been a time consuming task.

In the Main chamber, the wind trunk needed to be removed which in turn necessitated the removal of the three wind regulators.  The picture below shows the work in progress.  One of the three regulators has been removed from the trunk, with two go.  As there's no way to gain access to the front part of the chamber, it was necessary for Bittner and Knobloch to squeeze on their stomachs between the chest and regulators to remove the springs and screws necessary to remove the regulators.  With all the regulators now removed, the wind trunk box has been removed for rework.

There is great amount of work to be done yet to get the organ playing.  If you'd like to help out Contact Us.

Phoenix College Main Chamber Wind Trunk






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